Thinking About Sub-Ohm Vaping? A Brief Guide for Beginners

Thinking About Sub-Ohm Vaping? A Brief Guide for Beginners

Learn how to chase clouds and enjoy unparalleled flavour.

24 March 2023 | Hannah Rubery

Thinking About Sub-Ohm Vaping? A Brief Guide for Beginners

Are you a more experienced vaper on the lookout for something new? Sub-Ohm vaping could be just what you're looking for! It does require some learning and technical knowhow, but if it's adventure and customization you crave then this is your go-to. Streamlined options make it easier than ever to dip into sub ohm without having to dive in too deep - so why not give it a try? Here are the things that will help get started...

What is Sub-Ohm vaping?

Sub-Ohm vaping is a type of Direct to Lung (DTL) style that enables you, the vaper, to make big clouds and get more out of your favourite e-liquid flavours. This advanced technique involves using vape kits with extremely low resistance coils ranging from 0.15 Ohms up to around 0.6 Ohms - so far in fact that it's actually below 1 Ohm – hence its name! For those looking for even bigger hits though there are some ultra-daring Sub-Ohmers who drop down lower than the standard range with rebuildables and mechanical mods… but we'd only recommend this route if you're an experienced Sub-Ohmer.

Who should try Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Not your average vaping experience, Sub-Ohm is designed for more advanced vapers who want to pour on the flavour and pump up their clouds. Making sure you have a good grasp of Ohm's Law isn't just important for optimal performance - it also ensures safety when using these kits! So, if big flavours and even bigger vapour production are what you're looking for in your vape set up, maybe try giving Sub-Ohming a go..

How is it different to other vaping methods?

If you're looking to make the switch from regular vaping to Sub-Ohm, there's a few things that need considering. Normal vape coils usually range between 1.6 and 2.4 Ohms - significantly lower than Sub-Ohm options! It also means opting for higher VG, low PG ratios with reduced nicotine strength; instead of throat hits, it offers smoother but more intense 'lung hit' draws as opposed to being designed specifically for replicating cigarette smoking sensations like many standard vapes are.

What type of devices do you need to Sub-Ohm vape?

If you're on the hunt for Sub-Ohm vaping, consider investing in a quality kit. Poorly made kits and cheaply manufactured products can lead to accidents - not something any vaper wants! Instead of DIYing your own setup or buying subpar equipment, go with higher grade mods that will allow you produce at least 40W worth of power when combined with an equally good tank. You can even purchase prebuilt sets so all that's left is to enjoy what they have to offer in terms of flavourful clouds and smoothness!

Lastly don't forget about replaceable coil heads either; these are disposable yet provide immense convenience as well as great vape experiences every time.

Sub-Ohm vaping has two popular methods. The first is RDA, a more advanced and skilful method that requires dripping the vape juice onto coils and wicking material between puffs. If you don't fancy having to drip every few minutes, then there's also an easier option - RTA! It'll still require some technical know-how as it involves building your own coils, but this can open up exciting new possibilities for customizing your vape experience like never before!

What E-Liquid is best for Sub-Ohm vaping?

Sub-Ohm kits are great with high VG E-Liquids; the high heat output will vaporise them perfectly! However, if you're using a Sub-Ohm device it's strongly advised to stick to either low strength nicotine or go completely nicotine free. And don't try and use Nic Salts in these sorts of vaping devices; due to their high concentration levels it can get quite intense quickly! For those kinds of vape juices we recommend looking towards lower powered pod systems instead.

Sub-Ohm vaping can be a super satisfying experience, but it also means you could end up inhaling more nicotine than intended. To avoid that issue altogether, shortfills and longfills offer the perfect solution - they come in larger volumes of liquid compared to traditional E-Liquids containing nicotine and are free from nicotine as well! If, however, you want your Sub-Ohm device with an added kick of nicotine, remember to halve your usual strength for maximum enjoyment.

How to vape Sub-Ohm Safely

If you're looking to take the plunge into Sub-Ohm vaping, make sure to do your research! It's important that you understand Ohms Law, resistance and wattage requirements in order for it be a safe experience. Using regulated box mods along with high quality batteries is key - as anything else could be a hazardous problem. But if done properly there’s no doubt that chasing clouds can add a whole new level of satisfaction when vaping! Whether or not it’s something worth trying depends on each individual; so why not find out?