7 Common Vaping Problems and How to Fix Them

7 Common Vaping Problems and How to Fix Them

When something goes wrong or you’re unsure of what to do, we have some solutions for you. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions in our vaping FAQ and how you can solve them.

31 March 2023 | Hannah Rubery

7 Common Vaping Problems and How to Fix Them<

Vape juice has no taste

This common issue with vapers is known as ‘Vaper’s Tongue’ – don’t worry it’s not a big problem! If you find that you can’t taste your favourite vape juice then there’s a good chance that swapping flavours will help. Resetting your taste buds are one of the best ways to get around this issue. Just swap to a different tasting flavour or even something stronger like a mint or menthol as a palette cleanser.

To avoid it in the future simply make sure you either swap your flavour regularly or even something as simple as remaining hydrated, can help reduce the possibility.

Vape juice tastes burnt

There can be multiple reasons for this so first let’s go over the simplest one. Check the amount of vape juice you have left in the tank. Vape coils have small holes that they use to soak in the vape juice. If you don’t have enough E-Liquid in the tank to cover these holes it can make your coil dry out.

Have you just filled your tank after replacing a coil? If your E-Cigarette is brand new or you’ve just replaced the coil/wicking material, then you should allow your vape juice to soak in first. When filling your tank for the first time, or after replacing your coil, allow around 5 minutes for your vape juice to soak in. Otherwise, when you fire up there’s a good chance you’re simply burning your cotton! You can even help prevent this issue by priming your coil first by dripping a couple drops of vape juice onto the coil and into any ports in the coil.

Disposable vapes don’t tend to have this problem since the cotton has been sat absorbing vape juice in storage. If you’re getting a burnt flavour from these then there’s a good chance you’ve run out of E-Liquid or you’re vaping too fast and not letting the cotton soak up more between puffs.

On the other side, if it’s a device you’ve had for a while then there’s a good chance the problem is your coil. Coils naturally have a lifespan (which can shorten or lengthen depending on vaping habits, the type of coil, your vape juice and your device). Replacing your coil soon becomes second-nature for vapers with tank kits. Depending on the resistance of your coil, the type of E-Liquid you use (Nic Salts tend to burn coils quicker) and how heavy you vape, you could need to replace your coils every few days or ultimately, every 1-2 weeks.

Vape juice has turned dark/changed colour

Vape juice that contains nicotine can turn dark or change colour over time when exposed to light or oxygen. This may affect the taste but won’t change the effects. So, if you notice your vape juice changing colour it’s not really a problem unless the taste isn’t to your liking anymore! Some vapers even purposely expose their vape juice to light/oxygen to ‘steep’ the liquid to create more refined flavours.

Vaping gives me a sore/dry throat

E-Liquids with higher PG (propylene glycol) can cause a dry or sore throat when vaping. This is because liquids with more PG tend to be used for those looking for a stronger throat hit – sometimes it can be a little too much. To get rid of this problem you can swap to vape juice with a higher VG (vegetable glycerine) or use an even ratio (50/50). Some vapers even find that just having a drink of water helps get rid of the dryness. If you find you are still having recurring sore/dry throat despite these methods then you may wish to speak to a medical practitioner.

Vaping makes me cough

Those new to vaping are likely to cough as the sensation is a little different to that of smoking. Be mindful of your vaping style; try to take a long, slow drag when vaping and be careful not to inhale any air whilst taking a drag from your device.

Likewise, it could be the nicotine strength. E-Liquid with higher nicotine levels tend to be a harsher vape which can make it more likely that you’ll cough when inhaling. This can make the switch to vaping from smoking a little hard for some. For that reason, Nic Salts were invented as a way to enjoy high nicotine strengths with a much smoother experience. If you’re still having trouble then perhaps consider swapping to a lower strength.

Not getting enough of a throat hit

Many smokers or ex-smokers enjoy a good throat hit when taking a drag of their favourite vape juice. When that need isn’t quite satisfied it can be a problem.

You could be using the wrong type of vape juice. E-Liquid that contains higher ratios of PG than VG offer a greater throat hit, whereas the opposite ratio (higher VG) lead to better cloud production. So, if the throat hit is too weak for you then swap to an E-Liquid with high PG and less VG.

It could also be due to your device. Tank and pod kits tend to produce more throat hit than cigalikes or disposables. If the device you use is a modern tank, these can offer a massive airflow option which is great for creating clouds, but not so much for a throat hit. Those with a tighter airflow are likely to give you a more enjoyable throat hit.

Not getting enough of a nicotine hit

Vaping actually delivers nicotine slower than cigarettes so it may take a little getting used to. But due to this you may need to start vaping on a higher strength of nicotine to get the same effect. For most smokers looking to quit, we suggest hitting 30mg/ml strength E-Liquids, especially in Nic Salt form. If you smoked around 20 cigarettes a day then try 20mg/ml, and heavier smokers may benefit from higher strengths (up to 50mg/ml).

Try out a strength for a few days and if it’s still not working for you, try a different strength be that higher or lower.

It could also be your choice of vape device that’s resulting in sub-par nicotine hits. Low-powered devices could be giving you less nicotine and less flavour, although some are tailored to work especially well with Nic Salt. If it’s still not working for you then try basic tank kits as these most often offer higher power outputs.

If you’re new to vaping it could be something as simple as using your vape device incorrectly. Most cigarettes smokers are used to short drags straight to their lungs, but vaping is different. Vapers tend to take long drags into their mouth and then draw it into their lungs - unless you’re using a device for DTL (Direct-to-Lung) vaping which is simply inhaling straight into your lungs.