Relx Artisan Device Indigo Denim

Relx Artisan Device Indigo Denim

For Artisan line, RELX aims to uphold the true spirit of timeless craftsmanship. Artisan devices use only the highest quality materials and sophisticated artisty to create products that endure the test of time, products that will last with you across your journeys through the world.

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RELX Artisan represents a unique and exclusive iteration of RELX's fifth-generation Phantom pod device. This Relx Artisian Indigo Denim limited edition collection boast intricate craftsmanship, featuring elaborate metal carving and elegant leather embellishments. With its impeccable craftsmanship and artistic flair, RELX Artisan sets a remarkable benchmark for a refined vaping experience. This exceptional device offers the utmost quality and is fully compatible with the entire range of Infinity and Phantom pods, showcasing a fusion of elegance and innovation.


> Battery: 380mAh Battery

> Charging: Mainstream USB-C

> Leak-resistant Design: Leak-resistance Maze

> Design: Leather Crafted

> Pod Design: Symmetrical Pods

> Intelligent Function: SmartPace Vibration Alerts, Battery Indicator

> Device Weight: 36.3g

> Compatible Pods: RELX Pod

> Pod mL Capacity: 1.9ml

> Pod Nicotine %: 1.8%

> Quiet Use: 10bd

> Battery Indicator: Yes upto 3 Levels

> Vapor temp.: <55 celsius

Sleek and stylish vaping device that combines advanced technology with a distinctive design. With its deep blue denim finish, the device offers a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. Designed for simplicity and convenience.


1 Device + 1 Type-C Cable + 1 User Manual


Pods Not Included With Device.


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