Why Nicotine Salts & What Devices Work Best with Them

Why Nicotine Salts & What Devices Work Best with Them

Are Nicotine Salts what you’ve been looking for?

28 September 2023 | Hannah Rubery

Why Nicotine Salts & What Devices Work Best with Them<

Nicotine Salts, also known as Nic Salts, have become popular in the vaping industry over the last few years. But there are still many who are unsure about Nicotine Salts and what the point of them is. We’re here to put your mind at ease and learn some of the key reasons why you might want to switch to using Nicotine Salts.

What are Nicotine Salts?

In short, Nicotine Salts are an E-Liquid used for vaping. Nicotine Salts contain a slightly higher concentration of nicotine and are absorbed better than traditional nicotine E-Liquids. Although it’s important to note that vaping offers a lower nicotine amount than in most cigarettes. The top strength of Nicotine Salts in the UK is 20mg.

Both Freebase nicotine and Nicotine Salts are extracted from the tobacco plant, the only difference is that an acid is added to the nicotine. This acid (typically benzoic acid) lowers the pH level of nicotine to create Nicotine Salts.

Nicotine Salts offer a stronger, more satisfying nicotine hit whilst providing a smooth vaping experience. Pod Salt’s Nicotine Salts are specially tailored with a unique Nicotine Salt formula to create the perfect, smooth vape that provides a strong hit without irritating your throat. These hit quicker and last longer than traditional nicotine E-Liquids.

The benefits of Nicotine Salts

There are several benefits to using Nicotine Salts, one of them is that they provide a stronger nicotine hit. It allows for better absorption into the bloodstream making it quicker and longer-lasting.

As an added benefit it also makes vaping it gentler on the throat. Most high strength E-Liquids can be quite harsh to your throat which does not feel overly pleasant.

Who are Nicotine Salts ideal for?

Heavy smokers are likely to benefit the most from Nicotine Salts but generally those who need a stronger nicotine hit, or a quicker nicotine hit, will see benefits.

Similarly, those who wish to stealth vape and not produce thick vapour clouds, may prefer Nicotine Salts. Vapour clouds produced by these types of E-Liquids tend to be less-dense.

Are Nicotine Salts more harmful?

The main difference between the two types of nicotine is that Nicotine Salts have been given a more balanced pH to make it more gentle on the throat, and enhanced absorption. Therefore, it’s no more harmful than normal nicotine E-Liquid.

Nicotine itself is not what is correlated to the harms of cigarette smoking. By itself, nicotine is relatively harmless in comparison to the thousands of harmful carcinogens present in cigarettes.

What devices work best with Nicotine Salts?

As mentioned before, low powered systems work best with Nicotine Salts. These include tank kits and pod kits (either open or closed). You can use them in other kits, but they work best with low powered kits as higher wattages could result in your coils burning quicker. As Nicotine Salts don’t produce much vapour so they don’t need as much wattage to be vaporised.

For vaping 50/50 Nicotine Salts like Pod Salt, we recommend devices that offer MTL style vaping. These want to be low-wattage devices that use 10-20 watts of power with a medium to tight draw, 0.8-1.2ohm resistance.

You can also find Nicotine Salts commonly in disposable vape devices as these often are low-powered, making them perfect for delivering a strong nicotine hit when you need it.

What nicotine level should I vape?

This really differs between users as some may require a stronger hit than others, or likewise, may realise they don’t need as much nicotine as they thought. The general rule of thumb is that for those who are heavy smokers (a pack a day or more), will likely benefit from 20mg/ml Nicotine Salts which is the max strength in the UK.

If you were already vaping 18mg Freebase Nicotine then a 20mg Nicotine Salt is best for you.

For those who are average smokers (around half a pack a day), you are likely to benefit from a medium 11mg/ml Nicotine Salt.

For casual smokers (less than half a pack a day), we suggest a lower strength like 5mg/ml.

Overall, vaping and Nicotine Salts are predominantly a quit-smoking tool for smokers or ex-smokers looking to stay clear of cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive substance and should still be treated with care. Hopefully this clears up any questions you might have had about Nicotine Salts but if not, let us know down in the comments what you want to know!