OOKA Travel Bundle

OOKA Travel Bundle

1 OOKA device in the color of your choice, 1 OOKA backpack, and 4 packs of your favorite pod flavors - 8 pods in total.

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OOKA is a revolutionary, pod-based device that provides a new and innovative way of enjoying shisha. Compared to traditional shishas, OOKA is convenience personified. It does not require charcoal and instead uses advanced heat technology, which eliminates the inconvenience of preparation, ash and mess. The device takes about 5 minutes to heat up and provides up to 70 minutes of enjoyment.

OOKA backpack
Designed using premium, water-resistant materials, this premium OOKA backpack is perfect for those seeking an adventure or are constantly on the move. The best part? It features a sculptured base that holds your OOKA in place, which prevents it frompro getting damaged.

The backpack has 5 compartments inside (including 1 for your laptop), 3 cardholder slots, 2 pen holders, 2 pockets on its sides and 1 at the front.

Flavor Profile

Two Apples by Al Fakher
The king of kings and a true classic that delivers the freshest apple flavors built on layers of exquisite, juicy taste.

Grape with Mint by Al Fakher
Savor the taste of freshly picked grapes complemented by a touch of mint for a lingering fresh finish.

Lemon with Mint by Al Fakher
Enjoy a zesty mix of fresh lemons and mint for a truly invigorating session.

Blueberry by Al Fakher
Relish the sublime taste of fresh blueberries, a perfect blend of sweet and slightly sour notes that will elevate your experience.

Gum with Mint by Al Fakher
Soothe your senses with this subtle and light mix that delivers fresh minty undertones.

Magic Love by Al Fakher
Spice things up with our tropical mix of passion fruit, melon and mint for an unforgettable session.

Macho Maniac by Shisha Kartel
With a short fuse and a trigger-happy personality, Macho Maniac fires flavorful shots of cooling mango and passionfruit.

Silly Scientist by Shisha Kartel
Silly Scientist is a genius when it comes to his specially formulated concoction filled with the sinful pleasures of icy pear and lemon sweetness.

Aurora by Zodiac
Calm your senses with the perfect blend of cherry, elderberry, lime and guava.

Perseus by Zodiac
Embrace the peace and enjoy the soothing mix of lemon, black grape, elderberry and mint.

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