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What is a Vape Pen?

Thursday 20th Jan 2021| Daniel Hollyman

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a personal vaporiser device with a long, slim shape similar to that of a standard pen. Using a heating element powered by a battery, a vape pen heats the stored e-liquid until it vaporises. Once the e-liquid achieves its target temperature, it transforms into a cloudy, usually flavoured, vapor.

Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, vape pens do not produce smoke. The vape clouds do not contain any dangerous chemicals such as tar and ash that cigarettes are known for. Often referred to as vaporiser pens, pen vapes or vapor pens, this type of vape device is one that lends itself to a wide variety of styles, colours, power levels, and features. Vape pens can be as compact as a classic cigarette, or closer in size to a cigar.

In comparison to other types of vape devices, the vape pen model tends to be less complex and smaller than box mods. However, less complicated doesn’t necessarily mean that vape pens leave something to be desired in terms of performance. There are plenty of high-quality vape pens that deliver a wonderfully satisfying, effective and highly customisable vape experience for both new and experienced vapers.

Components of a Vape Pen

Every vape pen is slightly unique depending on the brand and model you go for, but you can generally rely on their structure to have the same basic components:

  • *A battery that acts as a power source for the device

  • *A tank and atomiser (or pre-filled pod) where the e-liquid is heated and vaporised

  • *An indicator light that shows you when the device is powered on, and may also change colour depending on the battery status

  • *A mouthpiece where the vapor will come out

We recommend opting for a vape pen starter kit which should include a charging cable to recharge the battery and a selection of e-liquids to get you going. Depending on the vape pen that you choose, specific features such as e-liquid capacity, battery power, and size will vary. Although remember, bigger isn’t always better - many discreet vapers prefer having lower battery power to reduce the level of vapour production. You also have the option to buy a number of add-on accessories, which can be an enjoyable way to customize your vape set-up and design your ideal vape experience.

Filling the E-liquid Compartment

Once you’re happy with the vape pen you’ve chosen and how it works, your next job is select an e-liquid flavour and fill the device’s e-liquid compartment. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of flavour possibilities out there with flexible nicotine and CBD options. Finding the right e-liquid is all about personal taste so we recommend starting with something close to home. At My Vapery, we stock a huge selection of premium e-liquid products.

To fill the e-liquid compartment, reference your vape pen’s instruction manual to locate the e-liquid chamber, then fill it with vape juice. If you’re working with a pod-style device, be sure to check whether it’s designed for use with pre-filled cartridges.

Benefits of Vape Pens

Vape pens are popular for many different reasons and are seen as an ideal choice for people starting out with vaping. Here are a few of the benefits:

1)      Vape pens are lightweight, compact, and ideal for vaping on the move

With their slim design and simple operation, vape pens are perfect for on-the-go vaping. Many vapers choose to have a vape pen always on hand for vaping at work or on the road, even as a back-up to their high-powered, more advanced devices

2)      Vape pens are ideal for effortless vaping

You don’t need any previous experience to use a vape pen. Because they are so user-friendly, many beginning vapers find them to be a great place to start their vape journey. Although plenty of experienced vapers also reach for their vapor pen when they want a laid back, no-hassle vape session, which can be a nice break from the more complex devices out there.

3)      Vape pens are one of the most versatile devices on the market

Even though vape pens are fairly simple devices, there are so many options and styles available that it makes it possible to find one to fit your vape personality and preferences. Premium brands like SMOK, Vaporesso and Innokin all have dependable vape pen models that offer a first-rate experience.

Can you buy Vape Pens in Dubai?

My Vapery UAE is one of Dubai’s leading vape retailers. Offering a huge selection of premium brands and award-winning flavours, My Vapery has five dedicated vaping stores across Dubai and a professional online store for nationwide delivery.

My Vapery’s stores are located throughout the city, allowing you to come and try new flavours before you buy, ask questions to our vaping experts and purchase the latest devices. My Vapery’s dedicated vaping stores are located in the Dubai Mall, Dragon Mart, City Land Mall, JBR District, Kite Beach and City Walk.