How to Spot a Fake Vape Product

The vaping industry has been booming with growth each year as more people make the switch to vaping. And of course, wherever there is success, there are those looking to capitalise from it. Vaping continues to be acknowledged by experts, to be much less harmful than smoking but there is still a small amount of harm. But when it comes to fake vapes, this harm can quickly escalate. Counterfeit vaping products and market imitations have become more prevalent over the years, but why should you care?

The Problem with fake Disposable vapes

One of the easiest vaping products to fake nowadays is the trusty disposable vape. As technologies and manufacturing processes grow, leading to cheaper production costs, disposable vapes have boomed. An easy target for companies to create counterfeits of.

Many of these fake disposable vapes can appear genuine which can lure you into a false sense of security, especially if you see it at a much cheaper price, after all who doesn’t love a bargain?

The ESMA Regulations help ensure that your vape products are safe and tested, a process which requires manufacturers to let governing bodies know the exact ingredients used as well as specifying strength, amount and any banned ingredients. As you might expect, these fakes do not comply with this, meaning that illegal and harmful ingredients or strengths often end up in these products. But how can you avoid these fake disposable vapes?

How to avoid fake disposable vapes

Serial Number

Authentic vape products include serial numbers on their packaging. If you are ever in doubt, most manufacturers/brands have a means to verify your product online, otherwise you can email them to verify if you have the correct one, and not a counterfeit one.

Check the ingredients

There are a variety of banned ingredients under the ESMA regulations including flavourings such as cinnamon, additives like caffeine and compounds such as vitamin E acetate. These ingredients can be added as a filler or used to try and mimic popular flavours in illicit vapes. If you find a disposable vape containing these ingredients you should certainly avoid!

Purchase from reputable places

Ensuring that you buy from only reputable companies that are compliant with industry standards is the easiest way of having nothing to worry about. Licensed retailers and distributors must maintain the strict quality control systems set out by ESMA regulations, to ensure the products sold are as safe as possible. Make sure that these retailers are licensed to sell in Dubai UAE.

My Vapery is proud to be a licensed and trusted vape shop in the UAE with 20+ stores located across Dubai catering for vapers throughout. When you shop with My Vapery rest assured that the products you receive will be compliant, industry-leading and high-quality.

The cost is too good to be true

Often those tricked into buying imitation vape products are done so with cheaper offerings. We are constantly told that if something is too good to be true, it usually is! The key to avoiding these problems is by checking prices, if it’s much cheaper somewhere else there could be something wrong. Of course, sales and promotions happen but if they’re much cheaper than normal whilst not on promotion, then you may want to think twice.

Packaging and labelling

Vape products have strict guidelines for packaging so if you look out for key factors, you’ll be sure to spot the fakes. For example, compliant disposable vapes in the UAE must have the health warnings in both English (usually placed lower front of packaging) and Arabic (lower back of packaging) that cover 50% of the main display area.

E-Cigarette systems must also contain a printed leaflet in Arabic or English containing instructions for usage and storage, circumstances where it may not be used and warnings on addiction, toxicity and potential adverse effects.

A best before date will be clear on the packaging plus the ingredients list. If the labelling isn’t clear, then avoid it.

If you think you’ve bought a fake vape product, we recommend checking the product over before using, including verifying the authenticity of your product. It’s better to be safe than sorry. When you shop with My Vapery you can trust that the products we sell are safe, authentic, and high-quality. Don’t get caught out by these imitation products; shop local, shop responsible, shop safely.